A strong endowment secures long-term support for an institution’s priorities and is an important indicator of its financial health. Since 1859, when Punahou’s first named endowed fund was established, donors have provided a permanent source of current and future revenue streams for the School’s educational mission by contributing to its endowment. In 2015 – 2016, gifts to the endowment totaled $6,869,453. Currently there are 407 fully funded, endowed named financial aid funds and 224 unrestricted and fully funded program funds that support Punahou each year.

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New Endowed Financial Aid Funds

Robert and Haylie Kaya and the Masumoto Family


Kerri-Ayn Masumoto ’83 established this fund in honor of her parents, Carol and Robert Masumoto, and her children, Robby ’14 and Haylie ’17, both of whom are members of the 13+ Club.

Kerri-Ayn’s mother, Carol, worked at Punahou for more than 30 years and, together with her husband, Robert, are Lifetime Members of the President’s Council. Kerri-Ayn created this fund with the purpose of thanking her parents and in gratitude for all that Punahou has been and will be for her family.

This fund has a preference for students who started at Punahou in kindergarten.

John “Dukie” Kerr ’50


John “Dukie” Kerr attended Punahou beginning in the third grade and graduated in 1950. After graduating from Purdue University, he spent two years with the Army in the 82nd Airborne Division. Dukie taught high school in Hawai‘i and Oregon for 30 years. During that time he tried to instill in his students the values he acquired at Punahou. An outstanding athlete, Dukie was inducted into the Punahou Athletic Hall of Fame in 1994.

Because he loved Punahou, he was a goodwill ambassador for its academic, social, leadership and cultural values wherever he was located or traveled. He truly valued his experiences and friendships from Punahou all of his life. His wife, Priscilla D. Kerr, hopes that this endowment will help others to have a wonderful high-school experience too.

Priscilla D. Kerr established this fund in memory of John “Dukie” Kerr to help students in need of financial assistance.

Amy Kuba


This fund was established by an anonymous couple to honor Amy Kuba, who tutored their children for over two years. Her skill, care and passion surprised and touched their entire family. Amy was a public school teacher for 32 years before “retiring” to tutor children. She is the mother of two Punahou alumni – Allyson Kuba ’87 Savage and Jonathan Kuba ’90 – and currently has two grandchildren at Punahou. Amy is passionate about the power of high-quality education, and is much loved by the many students whose lives she has improved.

The Amy Kuba Endowed Financial Aid Fund will help provide qualified students with financial access to a Punahou education.

Richard and Duk Hee Murabayashi


Richard and Duk Hee Murabayashi are understatedly, but understandably, proud of their accomplished children: educator Janice ’88 and entrepreneur Allen ’90. World travelers all, the Murabayashis are lifelong learners who have instilled the spirit of curiosity in their children and inspired them to make a positive impact on the world. Retired from their careers as engineer and urban planner respectively, Richard and Duk Hee continue to be busy with travel and with community life.

Inspired by Punahou’s 175th anniversary and in appreciation for the education that their children received, Richard and Duk Hee Murabayashi established the Murabayashi Family Endowed Financial Aid Fund to help deserving future Punahou students realize their dream of a Punahou education.

Marjorie Ann Mei Lin Tam ’59 Opulauoho and Leslie Aukai Opulauoho ‘Ohana


This fund was established in 2016 in memory of Marjorie Ann Mei Lin Tam ’59 Opulauoho, and in honor of her husband Leslie Aukai Opulauoho, by their family and close friends. Margie, as she was known, attended Punahou from the first grade until graduation, and had a fond and loving appreciation for all things Punahou. Margie and two of her brothers were the second of three generations of family (Tam/Opulauoho) to attend the school. She was an avid swimmer, and while a student participated on the girls swim team at Punahou.

After graduating from Oregon State University, Margie became an elementary school teacher specializing in math enrichment. For over 30 years, she worked primarily as a schoolteacher at Aliamanu Elementary School in Salt Lake with the State Department of Education. Three of her children attended Punahou: Leslie Lynn ’85, Kelii ’92 and Kaiwi ’93.

The purpose of this fund is to provide support with a preference for students who excel in math, are swimmers, and, like Margie, embody the spirit and deep love of Punahou and of being of service to others.

William and Helen Pruyn Memorial Fund


This fund was established by Carter Pruyn ’66 Reynolds and Jim Reynolds in honor of Carter’s 50th Punahou reunion, which took place in June 2016.

It is a tribute to Carter’s parents who had the vision and commitment to provide their children – Carter, Kirt ’70 and Jennie ’73 – with a Punahou education, and to their positive and supportive influence on their children throughout their lives.

To honor William and Helen Pruyn’s dedication to their children, Carter and Jim established this fund to support students who demonstrate a commitment to excellence as they begin their life’s journey.

Eric and Lissa Lam ’72 Schiff Family


Lissa’s family ties to Punahou are deep, including family, friends, volunteering and work. Her earliest experiences were hearing stories of her father, Chapman Lam ’51, and aunt, Teddie Lam ’59 Ching’s, time at Punahou. The family stories continue today with siblings, cousins and into the next generation. Lissa entered Punahou in seventh grade, as did daughters, Claire ’05 and Camille ’09, decades later. She is a former president and board member of the Punahou Alumni Association. Lissa also served as a parent volunteer and is a perennial Class of 1972 reunion committee member. She feels fortunate to have worked with Punahou’s Advancement team for over 10 years. Eric Schiff, originally from California, is also an active volunteer as a parent and spouse, and has served for decades with the Punahou O-Men. Claire and Camille continue this tradition of service and are active volunteers with Punahou here in Hawai‘i and afar.

The Schiff family’s appreciation for Punahou is centered on opportunity and community. Punahou provides many paths for students to thrive in a community defined by amazing people, grounded in tradition and values, centered on an uncommonly beautiful campus. This fund supports girls who are student athletes in recognition of Claire’s and Camille’s Punahou experience.

Simmons ‘Ohana


The Simmons family has lived on the North Shore of O‘ahu since 2006. They enjoy traveling the world with their three boys to provide them with real-life adventures, diverse cultural experiences and different learning environments. This philosophy has taken them to Australia, New Zealand, China, Samoa and many other countries that have enriched their lives.

The Simmons feel blessed to be a part of the Punahou family. They are advocates of providing the best education possible for their children and strongly believe that the education their children are receiving is the best in the nation.

The Simmons established this fund to help those who have the desire, but not necessarily the financial means, to provide their children with a Punahou education, and hope that the recipients will “pay it forward” when they have the opportunity to do so.

Fred and Joan Marie “Flo”rence Van Dyke


The waters of Ka Punahou provided the backdrop for their love story, though it was in the pool, not by the Lily Pond where Fred Van Dyke first met Joan Marie Florence. Fred began teaching at Punahou in the Junior School Science Department in 1955 and joined the English Department in 1976. Known affectionately as “Ms. Flo,” Joan came to Punahou in 1971. She taught English in Bishop Hall and Castle Hall, and was coaching synchronized swimming when she first caught the eye of Fred, a lifeguard, swim instructor, and pioneer big-wave rider on Hawai‘i’s North Shore. Serious about nutrition and fitness, Fred inspired many young athletes with his healthy lifestyle. He also advocated for healthy foods to be sold at the snack bar and championed a smoke-free campus.

Fred retired in 1985 and Joan followed in 1994. Both avid writers, they participated in writing workshops at Montana State University, and Fred frequently contributed to surf and health magazines and authored five books. They were married for 37 years until Fred’s passing in September 2015.

Joan established this endowed fund to support students who qualify for financial aid with a preference for students interested in English, involved in athletics (water sports) and who are outgoing.

David Vogel ’91 Mathematics Achievers


David Vogel attended Punahou from 1984 to 1991. He was a member of the wrestling team and very active on the math team. In appreciation for the well-rounded education he received, David wished to support the advancement of mathematics at Punahou and acknowledge the specialized attention by Punahou teachers in mathematics that has helped him to excel in his career. After graduating from Punahou, he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a minor in music. He then earned a master’s degree in scientific computing from New York University and started a career in predictive modeling. After 10 years in healthcare predictive modeling, David transitioned to the financial industry. In 2009 he founded a hedge fund, Voloridge Investment Management based in Jupiter, Florida, which he continues to manage.

This fund was established to support students at Punahou School who qualify for financial aid with a preference for students with advanced abilities or interest in mathematics. It is David’s wish to support the advancement of mathematics at Punahou in appreciation for the well-rounded education he received as well as.

Alvin Kapena Wright


Alvin Kapena Wright was born on June 2, 1942, the youngest of 13 children. His parents died when he was 12, and he went to live with his oldest sister in San Diego, California. Alvin loved football and played on the varsity team for Hoover High School. After graduation he received a scholarship to San Diego State, but returned home to Hawai‘i for family reasons. He eventually married and had five daughters. They all enjoyed softball, and Alvin had the pleasure of serving as their coach.

Years later, Alvin met Marcia Barrett ’74. The couple married and raised a son, Matthew ’10. Matthew tried his hand at wrestling, football and baseball, and Alvin was proud to support him from the stands. Baseball became Matthew’s primary sport and he was on Punahou’s 2009 and 2010 State Championship teams.

Alvin worked for Ameron at the Kapaa quarry as the inventory manager and retired in 2007 before passing away in 2010. His life revolved around Marcia, his six children, 15 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and golf.

This fund celebrates Alvin’s deep admiration for the School. He once told his son, “you have no idea how special this school is and what it has to offer you. You should feel proud and privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.”

New Endowed Program Funds

Asa M. Akinaka ’55, David A.Y. Akinaka ’88 and Sarah E.S. Akinaka ’93


Endowed Fund for Japanese Arts and Culture
A father, son and daughter, Asa M. Akinaka ’55, David A.Y. Akinaka ’88 and Sarah E.S. Akinaka ’93, have established an endowed fund to support the “advancement of Japanese arts and culture at Punahou School through exhibitions, colloquiums, demonstrations, workshops, or similar events, with special attention to tangible expressions of Japanese arts, crafts, and architecture.”

The donors hope that the creation of this fund will serve not only to enhance the study of Japanese at Punahou, but also to encourage others to consider offering similar support for Punahou’s other language programs.

Both David and Sarah benefitted from having completed the entire Japanese language sequence offered at Punahou. David, an architect and a principal of Ferraro Choy & Associates, Ltd. in Honolulu, included Japanese arts and architecture in his undergraduate and graduate studies. Sarah, a staff attorney for the Hawai‘i State Senate, majored as an undergraduate in Asian studies, with an emphasis on Japan. And Asa, although lacking academic credentials in Japanese, has extended his initial interest in the history of Japan to other aspects of its culture. He has practiced law in Honolulu for more than 50 years and is a past president of the Hawaii State Bar Association.

The primary objective of the fund is to assist the Japanese language faculty in affording students additional opportunities to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of the arts and culture of which the Japanese language is the core.

Vernon K.T. and Sheila L. Chock Family


Vernon and Sheila Chock established this fund in honor of their daughter Calista ’24, her outstanding teachers and in recognition of all of the dedicated faculty and staff at Punahou School.

Vernon, Sheila and Calista ’24 embrace lifelong learning, working hard, playing hard and sharing even harder as core beliefs, and are grateful to be an integral part of the Punahou ‘ohana. Upon the creation of this fund, they noted, “Like a hala tree with its deep roots that continue to grow, the perpetuity of this endowed legacy fund fits our wishes for Punahou School to continue to be one of the best schools for future generations of learners.”

The Vernon K.T. and Sheila L. Chock Family Endowed Legacy Fund was established in celebration of Punahou School’s 175th Anniversary and will provide support for the overall mission, educational initiatives and priorities of the school.

Richard H. (1938) and Hester V. Cox Endowed Fund for Global Education


Richard “Dick” Cox ’38 was born on Kaua‘i in 1920 and entered Punahou in eighth grade. Dick met his wife, Hester, when she was a 20-year-old student at Pasadena Junior College and he was a 22-year-old student at California Institute of Technology. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science from Cal Tech and, during World War II, he tested rockets in the Mojave Desert for the university and worked for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft.

Dick eventually moved back to Kaua‘i with Hester and their children, and worked for McBryde Sugar Company. In 1957, he moved to O‘ahu to work for Alexander & Baldwin, eventually rising to the rank of vice president. Dick and Hester had six children who attended Punahou School: Millicent A. Cox ’62, Janet Cox ’64 Brown, Lydia Cox ’66 Chock, Evelyn F. Cox ’67, David B. Cox ’71 and Samuel Doak Cox ’71. Two of their grandchildren, Pia C. Chock ’97 and John J.A. Chock ’01 also graduated from Punahou. In 2016, Dick was awarded the Punahou Alumni Association’s highest honor, the “O” in Life.

Dick and Hester traveled extensively during their 53-year marriage, visiting Asia, Europe and Australia. In 2015, Dick established the Richard H. (1938) and Hester V. Cox Endowed Fund for Global Education, demonstrating his love for the school that played such a large role in the lives of his family. Dick created a legacy at Punahou School when he and his brothers established the Cox Family Endowed Financial Aid Fund and, years later, this Endowed Fund for Global Education. Both endowed funds will provide an enduring source of support for students and global education for years to come.

Endowed Fund for Global Education


Terence and Motoko Murphy are firm believers in the power of global experiences, having witnessed its positive impact on their daughter Hana ’21. This year the Murphy family established the “Endowed Fund for Global Education” to support programs for Punahou students through the Wo International Center.

The Murphys hope that others will also contribute to and grow this fund to help ensure the long-term stability and impact of global education at Punahou.

Helen W. and Matthew S. Lau


Endowed Chamber Music Fund
Dedicated parents Helen and Matthew Lau recognized the great impact the Punahou experience had on their daughter, Natalie ’12. In eighth grade, Natalie performed on the cello in one of the Punahou chamber music ensembles, and later continued with the Chamber Music Program through her Academy years.

This invaluable experience, with gifted musicians as partners and dedicated coaches, made all the difference in Natalie’s musical and personal development. Helen and Matthew see Punahou’s outstanding Chamber Music Program as a wonderful opportunity for young musicians to hone their musical skills and build confidence as performers.

The Lau family is excited about establishing this fund dedicated to the Chamber Music Program for the benefit of future string musicians in the Punahou community.

Punahou Parent Faculty Association


Creative Thinkers and Lifelong Learning Speakers
In 2016 the Punahou Parent Faculty Association (PFA) commemorated its 100th Anniversary as Punahou School celebrated its 175th Anniversary. The two milestones presented a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the past while also looking forward and giving shape to its vision for the future. These anniversaries also presented an auspicious occasion to make a significant gift to the school in honor of these milestones.

The gift, made by the PFA, was the result of generous donations over the years by parents, faculty and staff, given to support the activities of the PFA.

This fund was created to provide support for speaker programs, which would invite creative thinkers to engage and provide students, parents, faculty and the larger Punahou community with lifelong learning opportunities.

Punahou Memorial Legacy Fund

This fund is a lasting tribute to honor alumni, faculty, staff, family and friends. Contributions to the fund are given in remembrance for loved ones who have passed. The fund benefits students and teachers for generations to come and carries on the legacy of the Punahou ‘ohana.

The Punahou Memorial Legacy Fund received gifts this year in remembrance of:

Marita Biven
Barbara N. Goo
Paul J. Marrack ’88
Dexter H. Smith ’35

Lydia Bingham Sutherland ’41 Young


In her senior year Lydia Sutherland ’41 was one of the students active on Punahou’s Centennial Year committee. One of her jobs was to collect and organize memorabilia from that celebration. When Cooke Library was completed in 1965, the School had the foresight to include the first official Archives, and brought in Lydia to be the first archivist.

Lydia’s mother had been Assistant Librarian for Hawai‘i from the early 1920s fostering her own attentiveness to collections. Lydia’s personal interest in history stemmed from being a descendant of Hiram and Sybil Bingham’s first daughter Sophia, born months after their arrival in Hawai‘i in 1820. Her love of Punahou was evident through her 100 percent participation with her class from her entry in first grade, through songleading in high school and participating in alumni activities after graduation. Setting up Punahou’s new archives was a great accomplishment for Lydia and she found it a joy to be back on campus while three of her children, Dave ’66, Barb Young ’67 Morgan and Peter ’70, were attending.

As Punahou celebrated its 175th year, Lydia’s daughter, Barb, completed the creation of a new endowed fund in support of the Punahou archives and in fond memory and appreciation for the perpetual cheerleading spirit her mom passed along to so many.