Realized Gifts

Perpetual Trusts with Punahou as Beneficiary

Dorothy Anderson (1921) Perpetual Charitable Trust
Myra W. (1896) and Jean Kent (1924) Angus Foundation
Emma W. Baker Estate
Robert E. Black ’37 Memorial Trust
Brodhead Family Scholarship Fund
Harrison R. ’27 and Dorothea S. Cooke Trust
John T. Waterhouse (1892) Estate
C. N. Wodehouse ’27 Faculty Benefit Trust at Punahou School (Bequest of Maude Wodehouse ’33)

Realized Planned Gifts

Jonathan Y. C. Ching ’68
Katharine Kling ’61 Clifford
Samuel A. Cooke ’55
Gwynn Corbet ’36 Hanchett
Jack L. Larsen ’42
Elizabeth Peet ’31 McIntosh
Joan Dowsett ’33 Osborne
Ruth Smith ’48 Silver
Dexter H. Smith ’35