Individual Giving

Giving clubs celebrate the breadth and diversity of Punahou’s donors whose contributions transform our students’ lives through the gift of an extraordinary education.

Donors are recognized in Punahou’s giving clubs for contributions made during fiscal year 2015 – 2016. All gifts given to any purpose are totaled to determine club recognition.

Our Ku‘u Punahou Honor Roll recognizes current donors who make a gift of any size to Punahou in consecutive years, celebrating their commitment to our ongoing Ku‘u Punahou campaign. These donors are noted by ∞ in the following lists. Our True Buff ’n Blue celebrates current donors who embody the spirit of giving that ensures Punahou’s continued excellence by giving to Punahou for 25 years or more. These donors are noted by # in the following lists. Donors who have passed away during the past fiscal year are noted with *. This notation includes those deaths notified to the School as of June 30, 2016.