People are Punahou’s greatest strength. From its talented students and passionate faculty to its loyal alumni and families, the Punahou ‘ohana is one of Hawai‘i’s most enduring and vibrant communities of learners. In the years ahead, Punahou will invest in its students and faculty by ensuring that all of our children have the opportunity to thrive in a diverse, stimulating learning environment; and by supporting the ongoing growth and professional renewal of our teachers.

The Art of Teaching
Every Punahou graduate remembers at least one teacher who changed his or her life. More than anything else, it is the thoughtfulness and dedication of our faculty throughout the School’s history that has inspired countless Punahou students to face the world’s challenges with leadership and vision. Punahou is creating a vibrant culture of professional renewal among our faculty while seeking new ways to enrich a global community of educators who are reinventing the art of teaching. Goal: $15 million

Gifts to The Art ofTeaching will support:
  • Professional Programs at Punahou
  • Faculty fellowships
  • Endowed positions

A Diverse Learning Community
A student body that is economically, ethnically and culturally diverse enables children to question their assumptions, gain new perspectives, and develop a creative, critical and compassionate understanding of the world around them. In an era of shrinking educational access, we are committed to funding a family’s demonstrated financial need so that Punahou can attract and admit bright, motivated and talented students who will take full advantage of Punahou’s opportunities and who will enhance the School community. Goal: $45 million

Gifts to A Diverse Learning Community will support:
  • Need-based student financial aid
  • Support beyond tuition enabling students to participate in the full life of the School