Punahou’s mission has always been to prepare children for life, in addition to college. Through a diversity of curricular and co-curricular choices that encompass world-class academics, arts and athletics, and innovative, authentic, interdisciplinary applications, Punahou’s breadth and depth taps into each child’s potential. Our students are distinguished by qualities like curiosity, passion, resilience, confidence, self-awareness and purpose – qualities that consistently produce leaders, innovators and masters in every field.

Inspiring Purpose
A Punahou education develops values and character as much as it does intellectual or physical ability. While our students may be dramatically diverse in personality and interests, they embody the core values central to our institutional culture: empathy, collaboration, creativity, innovation, social responsibility, global awareness and moral leadership.The attentive cultivation of these values is what sets them apart in the world and what prepares them for a lifetime of personal fulfillment, authenticity and purpose. Goal: $15 million

Gifts to Inspiring Purpose will support programs for:
  • Public and private school partnerships
  • Global education
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Hawaiian studies
  • Spiritual and character education
  • Integration and collaboration across programs and grades

Sustaining the Promise of Punahou
One of the hallmarks of a Punahou education is paying forward the gift of learning.The School has thrived for 175 years thanks to the generosity of generations who came before – people who believed in sustaining the quality of education that takes place here. Grounded in a tradition of support from dedicated alumni, families and friends, we launch a new era of growth by celebrating the culture of philanthropy that brought us this far and by challenging ourselves to raise our sights even higher. Goal: $15 million

Gifts to Sustaining the Promise of Punahou will support:
  • Unrestricted giving through the Punahou Fund