GTP 2015 - 2016

Dr. James K. Scott ’70
     President, Punahou School
Kitty Sullivan ’75 Wo
     Chair of the Board
Ethan D.B. Abbott ’72
Deborah Berger ’82
W. David P. Carey III
Steve Case ’76
Han Sonny Ching
Maggie Cole
Wendy B. Crabb
Mark H. Fukunaga ’74
Ron Higgins ’75
Constance Hee ’70 Lau
Duncan MacNaughton ’62
Warren K.K. Luke ’62
Pierre Omidyar ’84
Michael A. Pietsch ’64
Jeffrey N.Watanabe
Gregory Yim ’80

Message From The Trustees

Punahou’s success might be best characterized through its tradition of innovation and renewal. This was elegantly expressed this past school year as we marked both an important historic milestone and a new beginning for our School.The 175th anniversary brought the Punahou community together on an unprecedented scale, affirming its global reach. And in February, we launched Ku‘u Punahou –The Power of Promise, a comprehensive fundraising campaign that provides a roadmap for Punahou’s future.

The national educational landscape is changing rapidly because of revolutions in technology, the impact of globalization, and our deeper understanding of the neurology of learning.The remarkable creativity and vision of our faculty enable us to facilitate conversations about pedagogy, curriculum and facilities with school leaders locally, nationally and globally.The strength of our faculty and school leadership, in addition to our strong financial health, uniquely position Punahou to help shape the future of K – 12 education by serving as a beacon and as a convener.These opportunities ultimately benefit our own students as we create the conditions and opportunities for them to develop the skills and qualities required to flourish in a world that is very different from the one that most of our alumni entered at their graduation.

Ku‘u Punahou articulates the institutional priorities that underpin our vision:

  • Investing in the educational thought leadership of our faculty:
  • Ensuring that Punahou becomes a learning community that reflects the world’s social, cultural and economic diversity;
  • Reimagining Punahou’s indoor and outdoor campus environments to harness the full range of each child’s personal learning journey;
  • Deepening Punahou’s commitment to serve a public purpose through educational programs that contribute to the broader community and the world.

We are absolutely delighted to have opened the Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Neighborhood this fall, completing the first phase of the new community for grades 2 – 5.Work is already underway on the next phase and our K – 12 Learning Commons, designed around an instructional philosophy that will provide students with the enduring, relevant and authentic problem-solving and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in the global century.

Our commitment to a diverse learning community has been significantly bolstered by a targeted philanthropic investment in need-based student financial aid. And the inspiring work of Wo International Center, Luke Center for Public Service and the ClarenceT.C. Ching PUEO Program, (along with other programs) has encouraged our students to tackle real-world issues and challenges that affect Hawai‘i and the global community.

Your generosity resulted in a record-breaking year for gifts and pledge payments, enabling Punahou to implement its educational vision and to evolve at a pace that matches our innovative spirit. Your support helps us to reach our aspirations for students, while positioning Punahou for continued educational leadership for Hawai‘i and the world.

Finally, your support sustains the remarkable legacy of the two founding gifts that gave life to a school at the New Spring, Ka Punahou. It is the tangible expression of a belief that education is the vehicle through which a humane society can reinvent and reimagine itself for future generations.

Thank you for the essential role you play in helping Punahou and its students to realize their promise. We are very grateful.

Thank you for being a vital part of the home that is Punahou School.

Me ke aloha,

James K. Scott ’70
President, Punahou School

Kitty Sullivan ’75 Wo
Chair, Board of Trustees 2015 – 2017